• Parashara's Light - Personal Edition (Hardware Lock based security)

This comprehensive software package is based upon the pure Jyotish classics of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastram, Saravali, Hora Sara and Garga Hora. It supports almost all Vedic astrological systems (including Parashara, Jemini, KP, Prashna, Muhurata etc.) with support to maximum number of Astrology calculations and research features, when compared to any other astrology software package. It’s ease of use, elegance, fast speed, accuracy, and a vast variety of calculations are only few of the unique features, which make it so popular in Astrology arena.

Features of Parashara’s Light Personal Version may be listed down as follows :-

  1. 100% accuracy calculations where planetary algorithms are precise to one second of arc based on data supplied by NASA (USA).
  2. The only software with in-built atlas containing over 50,00,000 (five million) cities.
  3. Beautifully designed printouts with different pre configured models and custom models for printing.
  4. Number of Ayanamshas supported 4.
  5. 10 Dashas are been supported.
  6. Fixed no of models are provided for Model Printing.
  7. Over 150 Pages of Horoscope report can be generated.
  8. A feature of Audio Mantra Recitation is also available in PL Personal.
  9. No of worksheets available are 5 which are already modified.
  10. Facilities provided are Astrological Significations,Astronomy, Chart Tutor, Dictionary, Personalized Tutorial, Vedic Deities, Worksheet Help.
  11. You can record birth data,using the India Calendar system. There are two systems of recording Indian Calendar - Shukladi and the Krishnadi.
  12. We have supplied additional information in the form of an integrated atlas and is looked up automatically by the program  after you leave the city field.
  13. We have also provided you with the option of Manual Lookup, in case if you cannot use the default atlas look up feature because you don't have the name of the city, or if for any other reason you want to enter the coordinates and time zone information by hand.
  14. Parashara's Light Personal supports 5 Chart Styles :- North Indian, South India, Oriya, Bengali and Circular Chart Style.
  15. Parashara's Light allows two kinds of printouts : A large number of printouts available under the "Print Menu", as well as printouts of the various screens.Each printout can be previewed first on screen brfore being printed.The reports menu also contains a number of printouts grouped under astronomy and astrology lessons. Reports can be also printed as a group called "Model".
  16. You will find all the features in Pl Personal :- Natal Chart, Varshaphala, Guna Milan, Krishnamurthy Padhati, Krishnamurthy Prashna, Jaimini Padhati, Extensive Predictions.
  17. We searched for every possible source of transit interpretations from classics and compiled an unique transit report based on what we found.
  18. Life Interpretations Report :- An exhaustive report that covers every important area of life.This is an 20 -25 pages report gives an in-depth view of all the fifteen aspects in a person's life.

Languages available in: -
* Bi-Lingual = (English + Hindi / Gujarati / Marathi / Telugu / Bengali / Tamil / Kannada)
* Multi Lingual = (English + Hindi + Gujarati + Marathi + Telugu + Bengali + Tamil + Kannada)

Additional Info.
Name Parashara's Light - Personal Edition (Hardware Lock Based Security)
Language English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu

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Parashara's Light - Personal Edition (Hardware Lock based security)

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