• Vrihad Vatsayayan Kamasutra

'Vatsyana's Kamasutra book in Hindi is based on ancient Hindu erotic science. Anyone who makes use of lkamasutra in the life of dharma and artha, without being overwhelmed with passion and attachment attains siddi or fulfillment in life.

The concept of creation being a union of both male and female principles, found its symbolical expression in the dual aspect of Mithuna motifs. Thus, we have a very rich and great heritage of Erotics in various art forms such as literature, sculpture, painting and music, all aiming at nobler, richer and fuller life.

A man who is intelligent, learned and prudent, makes use of Kamasutra in the light of Dharma and Artha, without being overwhelmed with passion and attachment, attains Siddhi or fulfillment in life.

Additional Info.
Name Vrihad Vatsayayan Kamasutra
Author Dr. Satish Goel
Pages 152 (8 Coloured Illustrations)
SKU AGB01050
Language Hindi
Weight 200 gms
Format Paperback
Publisher Diamond Pocket Books

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Vrihad Vatsayayan Kamasutra

  • INR. 110.00

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