• Parashara's Light - Professional Edition

This comprehensive software package is based upon the pure Jyotish classics of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastram, Saravali, Hora Sara and Garga Hora. It supports almost all Vedic astrological systems (including Parashara, Jemini, KP, Prashna, Muhurata etc.) with support to maximum number of Astrology calculations and research features, when compared to any other astrology software package. It’s ease of use, elegance, fast speed, accuracy, and a vast variety of calculations are only few of the unique features, which make it so popular in Astrology arena.

Some of the unique features of this comprehensive astrology software package “Parashara’s Light” may be listed down as follows :-

  1. 100% accuracy calculations where planetary algorithms are precise to one second of arc based on data supplied by NASA (USA).
  2. The only software with in-built atlas containing over 50,00,000 (five million) cities.
  3. Inbuilt Accounting tool to keep track of printed records and File Manager to organize charts logically.
  4. Most user friendly software with availability of 300 worksheets where you can place any astrology chart/table/calculation according to your own design.
  5. Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, French, German, Spanish & Dutch languages.
  6. Chart styles - North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Oriya & Circular chart styles.
  7. Complete text of Jyotish classics of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastram, Saravali, Hora Sara and Garga Hora with different search features 1001 Yogas. Vedic Astrology Tutorial and Dictionary of astrological terminology is also available in the software.
  8. Powerful research tools for Birth Time Rectification.
  9. Composite charts for Comparative study. Marriage compatibility with Astakuta & Dasakuta guna interpretations.
  10. The only software with different Research tools of "Change Time Tool" & "Change Location Tool" and many more options. Inbuilt birth data of around 1000 popular celebrities.
  11. Beautifully designed printouts with different pre configured models and custom models for printing.

Available Calculations :-

  1. Ayanamsa support of Lahiri, Raman, KP, Sain, Bhasin, Western or any user designed Ayanamsa.
  2. 29 Dasha systems including Parashara & Jemini dashas available up-to Prana Dasha level. 360/365 days and other options.
  3. Birth Chart, Navamsha and other divisional charts with Tajika Vargas.
  4. Transits with divisional charts for transits, Dasha Balance & Astakavarga at time of transits.
  5. Detailed visual representation of Shastiamsha deities.
  6. Varshphala - available for any year including Shodash Yogas.
  7. Progressions Charts, Vargas & 4 kinds of dashas for the progression chart.
  8. Krishnamurthy chart & Krishnamurthy Prashna with details of house cusps and significators.
  9. Sudarshan Chakra & Panch Pakshi.
  10. Planetary Nakshatras, Dignities, Neech Bhanga Yoga, Retrogression, Combustion, Aspects with graphical representations.
  11. 6 kinds of Avastas, detailed Shada Bala & Vimshopaka Bala.
  12. Details of Upgrahas and Gulika, Dagdha rashis, Yogi, Avyogi etc.
  13. Details of Jemini Padas & Pada Lagna.
  14. Natural, Temporal & Compound relationships of Planets.
  15. Nakshatra Spatial Matrix, Ephemeris, Kakasha report, Auspiciousness time line etc.
  16. Muhurta with all its details.
  17. Interpretations/Predictions based on Planets, Lordships, Dashas, Varshphala, Transits, Life Time Interpretation report, Classical Text etc.
  18. Panchanga for any place with all its calculations.
  19. Remedies based on Gems, Sadesati, Mangal Dosha etc.

Languages available in: -
* Bi-Lingual = (English + Hindi / Gujarati / Marathi / Telugu / Bengali / Tamil / Kannada)
* Multi Lingual = (English + Hindi + Gujarati + Marathi + Telugu + Bengali + Tamil + Kannada)

Additional Info.
Name Parashara's Light - Professional Edition
Language English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu

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Parashara's Light - Professional Edition

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