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In Feng Shui coins represent the element metal and symbolize wealth for they represent money. These reproductions are fashioned after the ancient Chinese coin which is round with a square in the center. This represents heaven and earth, making it all the more powerful. Placing three or eight coins tied together with a red thread in the wealth or in your purse or wallet, taped onto your invoice book, or taped under the computer at work, is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life. Bury nine coins in the soil of a plant in the wealth corner of your office or home. Symbolically as the plant or tree grows so too will abundance increase in your life.

Giving three coins tied with red ribbon symbolizes sharing wealth and luck. This is a very auspicious act and brings positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver. Add three coins tied with red ribbon or thread in a red envelope (Hong Bao) to the gifts that you give to celebrate the weddings and birthdays of your family members and friends. Remember that it is the red thread that activates the yang energies of the coins and that by themselves, these coins do not have feng shui significance.

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FengShui Lucky Coins

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