• Saral Nitya Karm Path Sangrah

The book Saral Nitya Karm Path Sangrah contains different norms of virtuous conducts worth following, as enjoined by our religious scriptures, and to elevate the lives of devotees to a higher level. The topics included in this book are remembrance of God early in the morning, daily bath, meditation, Balivaishvadev, worship, Jap, oblations, invocations to God, procedure of specified worship, worship of the five deities, Parthiv-pujan (worship of deities made of earthen clod). Worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi and Shalgram and collection of hymns for daily recitation. The book is useful for each and everyone and is worth keeping in every home.

Additional Info.
Name Saral Nitya Karm Path Sangrah
Author Pt. Dharnidhar Shastri
ISBN 978-81-9042-109-6
Pages 256
Language Hindi and Sanskrit
Format Paper Back

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Saral Nitya Karm Path Sangrah

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