• Shri Pitradosh Nivaran Yantra

Benefits of Pitra Dosh Nivaran YantraFor PitriDosh Nivarn or Pitra Dosh Nivaran Yantra. Pooja is necessary to appease ancestors and dead forefathers who have not attained Moksha. Furthermore, the afflicted person will also face problems of the evil eye. On a higher degree, this dosha will somehow stop your family from having male children. Regular worship of this Yantra will help you recover from the above mentioned problems. If there is Pitra dosh in your horoscope because of which the family doesn't grow or the family has to face such problems constantly then one has to perform or worship Pitra Dosa Nivaran Yanta or Pitra Dosha Nivaran Yantra. It enhances the peace of mind, it removes all the obstacles and difficulties. This Yantra breaks the Pitra Dosha Yog (The offered Yantra has been energized (प्राण प्रतिष्ठा) by Pundits using Vedic Mantras at Shree Saraswati Prakashan)

Size: 3" x 3".

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Name Shri Pitradosh Nivaran Yantra
Weight 20 gms

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Shri Pitradosh Nivaran Yantra

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